Inquisitor Optia Lucullus


A woman of just 49 years, Optia Lucullus is something of a curiosity among Inquisitors due to the youth at which she obtained such a rank. She pays it no heed, however, since she’s hardly the first to have done so and because Inquisitors are always curious.

She is of average height, sporting straight, shoulder-length black hair and carries that air almost all Inquisitors have of complete and utter determination, cold calculation, and quiet terror. Terror, for it is a disconcerting thought that in the hands of a single individual such as this entire lie the the fates of entire sectors and, indeed, the Imperium as a whole.

Though not interested in the politicking other Inquisitors seem to enjoy, if she were to sympathise with any one faction is would be the Amalathians, due to her staunch belief that all organisations and facets of the Imperium standing together and cooperating enables its continued survival.

It is in her service the acolytes now find themselves, through various means and each for different reasons, and much like the countless worlds of the Imperium, their fates rest in her hands as much as their own.

Inquisitor Optia Lucullus

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